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60 questions book cover imageOne of the most revered techniques for helping a client to realise their goals is to use a system known as the GROW model.

This technique can then be used alongside the SMARTER goal setting process, to drill down and lock in the tasks, resources, processes and timescales required for each goal.

In this short ebook you’ll find a list of 60 of the most powerful questions you could ask during a GROW based Coaching Session, to help your client identify their Goals, relate their Reality, identify their Options and make a decision about What Actions they will take to achieve those goals.

This list of 60 powerful questions, seem to offer the best response (certainly in my experience), when utilising the GROW system of coaching.

Alternatively, there are several hundred alternatives available if you have the time and inclination to search them out for yourself.

Before each section I’ve given a short explanation to guide you.

They’ve been designed to help your client think beyond the obvious and look deeper into themselves. This will help them to discover the answers they always knew, but never thought to look for.

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