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My latest recommendation is for a Mindfulness blog from Melli O’Brien, a young Australian Mindfulness teacher and devoted mindfulness practitioner.

Mrs – Learn the art of mindful living

She explains on her blog…“I am not a monk or an evangelist of any particular religion or technique. I live in the real world and my mindfulness training occurred under real life circumstances. I teach and write this blog to share my journey out of struggle and stress and into wholeness; a wholeness that I found through mindfulness.”


Five posts I found particularly useful…

If you head over to her blog and sign up for her newsletter, you’ll also get a free 7 day Mindfulness email course including 2 free meditations. (at the time of writing)

You can follow Melli on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If you have any recommendations you’d like me to check out, let me know using the Contact Page.

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