The Everyday Confidence Podcast
The Everyday Confidence Podcast
27 - Zoom Out Your Failures
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This week’s 2-minute Tuesday podcast is about zooming out when you have a failure. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, rather than making this one failure, bigger than it really is.


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Podcast music: Is ‘Sweet Life’ by Twisterium.
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Podcast Transcript:


Hello again and welcome to this week’s 2-minute Tuesday podcast. I’m your host Steve George and today’s 2-minute tip is – If you want to become more confident in the things you do. If something you tried goes wrong, then Zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. Don’t overcomplicate something that might be a much smaller deal than you first thought.
Everyone occasionally is gonna have times when things don’t go completely to plan, and sometimes, things are gonna fail miserably. But don’t take it personally. Take a step back and think about how this failure is gonna effect you in a years time, or six-months, or even a week.
Usually things aren’t as bad as they first seem, but as humans we sometimes tend to exaggerate our failings and minimise our successes.
So, don’t do that. Concentrate on the learning experiences from the failure. Then try again with new and better information next time.
Think about the big picture, and how little this one failure’s gonna really impact it. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff.
In situations like this, thinking big picture’s gonna give you some instant perspective that’ll help you speed up the process of building your confidence.
So try that out… when in doubt, zoom it out!
That’s it for this week’s 2-minute Tuesday. Thanks for listening. Show notes will be at And until next time, bye for now.



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