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24 - Designing Your Own Personal Blueprint
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In Today’s Episode, I’ll be briefly explining why you should have a Personal Blueprint. A future avatar of yourself, that you can use to give you focus on what you really want your future to look like.



This episode was based on the article, 3 Practical Exercises to Boost Your Self-Confidence.

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Podcast Transcript:



Hello and welcome to episode 24 of the Everyday confidence podcast. I’m your host, Steve George and on todays episode we’re going to talking about how to write your own personal blueprint.

Welcome back. Well, the weather seems to be warming up a little bit this week. We’re up to 20 degrees today herein the UK, so hopefully, spring has finally sprung!

Anyway, back to todays podcast and what I’ve decided to do, is over the next few episodes, give you just one thing to concentrate on each time. That way, you can start to build up a toolkit of tasks and strategies to help you move forward.

If there’s anything specific you’d like help with, you can always drop me an email at and I’ll try my best to create an episode on that specific thing. But for now, let’s get on with today’s subject… Designing your own Personal Blueprint.

Whenever you’re learning something new, it’s always best to know where you want to end up, before you start. Because that way, you’ve got a goal or purpose in your mind to head for. And that’s the main reason for designing a personal blueprint. It gives you a direction to aim at, making it easier to know what things you need to improve. So you can get there in the shortest amount of time.

Generally speaking, if you ask someone what they’d like out of life, generally they’ll struggle to give you an answer. But, if you ask them what they don’t want and they’ll usually have a long list for you. And that’s the biggest problem… unfortunately, people naturally seem to focus on what they don’t want in life.

If you’ve read, or listened to anything about Personal Development before, you’ve probably seen, or heard one of the following statements, or at least something similar…

“You get what you focus on” or, “Whatever you keep your attention on, you’ll create” or, “Your focus equals your future”. All of these mantras are used to help people understand that they create what’s happening to them, just by the things they’re thinking about.

So, if your focus is always on what you don’t want. What you don’t want is what you’re gonna get!

So. The easiest way to design a blueprint for you, so you know what you want, is to find yourself a quiet place you can sit for a few minutes.

Get yourself a notebook, or a few sheets of paper and then close your eyes and picture your life, if everything was the way you wanted it to be. Things like…

How would you look in this perfect life?
What sort of things would you be doing?
And what would your body language be like?
What things would you do differently, to the way you do them today?
How would you act around people?
What kind of things would you be saying to yourself?


Anything you can think of that would get better, once you became this new improved version of yourself.

So, imagine as much as you can about this new improved you. Then describe this version of you, in as much detail as you can on the paper.

Then, every day, set aside a couple of minutes to read this description of the new you. Once you’ve done that, in as much detail as you can, picture yourself actually being this person. The more often you remember to do it, the less you’ll have to consciously focus on what you really want. Because imagining yourself being this new person, will give you the focus you need to get there.

Well, that’s it for another episode. I hope it’s been helpful. Show notes as ever will be over on the website.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you might have, on that page. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll speak with you soon. Bye for now.


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