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Goal Setting
Goal Setting
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Goal setting using GROW Questions

In today’s episode, I introduce a powerful questioning technique, known as GROW.

It’s a process used in various aspects of personal development and the primary tool used by Life Coaches, to help their clients get clear on their goals.

So, spend some time developing your goals using either SMART or WOOP first. Then, this process will help you go deeper and give you more clarity.

As you’re essentially being your own coach for this process, I suggest you see GROW as an additional tool, rather than a system in itself. But it’s certainly worth working with a professional coach if that’s an option.

I’ve put a link at the bottom of the page to a free GROW questions guide, that I put together for coaches. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

So, on to the process itself.


The process

In this acronym, the G is for GOAL. The questions in this area are similar to the ones mentioned in the last two episodes. Although, there are additional questions you can ask to get clarity, such as:

“What could I do every week/day to move toward my goal?”, or “If I had to do one thing today to move toward my goal, what would that be?”

GROW QuestionsThe R, is for REALITY. This section is about where you are now, in relation to where you want to be. In this section, you’ll find questions like:

“What are three things I’m doing regularly, that don’t serve or support me?”

“What’s my favorite way of sabotaging myself and my goals?”

The third section is O for OPTIONS. ‘Options’ helps you think about inner skills you have, that you maybe hadn’t thought about. Questions here would be things like:

“What would I try now if I knew I couldn’t fail?”

“What one thing could I do right now that would make the biggest difference?”

And finally, the W is for WAY FORWARD, or WHAT ACTIONS. This section is similar to the plan in WOOP, although it helps you get committed to taking some action.

Questions here would include things like:

“What am I willing to do to improve the situation now?”, or “What am I willing to STOP doing, to improve the situation now?”

There are also questions to help with your commitment, such as: “What is my next action and when will I do it?”



There’s a good post on how to use GROW effectively over at

If you missed the episode on SMART Goal Setting, you can find that HERE. The episode on WOOP Goal Setting can be found HERE.

The Coaches GROW Questions ebook I mentioned can be downloaded from THIS LINK. There’s also a short GROW Worksheet for coaches HERE if you think it might be useful.

If you have any questions, or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.




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