The Everyday Confidence Podcast-2

002 – Setting SMART Goals

Goal Setting
Goal Setting
002 - Setting SMART Goals
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In this episode, we’ll break down the different sections of the SMART goal setting process. The acronym SMART, stands for…

Specific’, ‘Measurable’, ‘Agreed upon’, ‘Realistic’ and ‘Time-Bound’. Although Agreed Upon and Realistic can be interchanged with Achievable and Relevant.

Achievable in this context is the same as Realistic in the first and Relevant requires that that the goal you are setting, is relevant to your overall life, or situational plan.

Over the years, several adaptations have been made to the words associated with the acronym. You can read more about SMART and SMARTER, HERE.


There’s a whole section on Goal Setting, here on the blog.

If you’d like more information on how to set SMART Goals, you can find Part One, of Setting SMARTER Confidence Goals HERE. And Part Two can be found HERE.

If you’d like the Goal Setting Workbook and 12-month Journal, you can find that HERE.

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