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The easiest way to make permanent, huge changes to your lifestyle, is to use small daily habits

Because, the problem with change, is that for many people, they make the steps necessary, far too big to handle.

Set a new habitThe solution then, is to make regular, small yet meaningful changes to your everyday life. As Alice Boyles Ph.D says in her post on Psychology Today, try to improve the various areas of your life by just 1%. Small 1% changes are an Awesome strategy for making improvements.

This strategy has been around for many years. Even Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790), saw the awesomeness of small everyday improvements…

“Human happiness comes not from infrequent pieces of good fortune, but from the small improvements to daily life. ~ Benjamin Franklin”


So, take a few minutes and think about an area of your life where you’d like to make huge changes. Maybe that area is having more confidence in how you present yourself to others?

Then, follow this simple plan…


  1. Think of one thing you could do, to make it 1% better than it is at the moment. Maybe…
    1. Learn to stand with your shoulders back.
    2. Learn to hold your head up straight, rather than slouching
    3. Breath slowly and regularly, etc.
  2. Choose a habit you currently have, to use as a trigger to remind you to practice. Maybe…
    1. Immediately after brushing your teeth in the morning
    2. 5 minutes before you go up to bed at night
    3. Straight after your first cup of coffee in the morning
  3. Decide to practice the small thing every day at the same time.
  4. Once that one thing has become a habit for you, rinse and repeat.


You’ll find that as time goes on, you naturally add more anyway. For example, if you wanted to improve your fitness, you could start with committing to one press-up each day.

It seems silly to commit to something so simple and you’ll probably end up doing 5 press-ups. But, on days where you’re not feeling top notch, you can still do one and achieve your goal! It’s win-win.

Commit to small and achieve more, rather than committing to big and falling short. Not having the time should never be an issue.

Every small win is a bonus for your confidence, but every failure is a setback. Confidence comes from success, so plan to be successful as often as possible, even it’s a small success.


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