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The Human Mind – A Super-Computer

Obviously, the human mind is THE most powerful and complex computing system anyone could imagine. And, like any other computing system, it uses the same binary system to operate it.

Binary MindIt doesn’t matter how complicated a computer system is. It doesn’t matter which operating system it uses to make life simple for its users. The entire system is controlled by answering questions to which the answer is true, or false (1, or 0). The binary system.

The human mind, with all of its complex thought processes, moral decisions, internal belief systems, its rules about people, places, religions, etc. ALSO makes all of its decisions using the same system.

The only difference is that the preprocessor it uses isn’t true, or false, it’s Pain or Pleasure.

“will this decision create more pain, or generate more pleasure?


How it works

Every single decision you have ever made, or will ever make, will be based on the answer to that question.

Pain/Pleasure ScalesLet’s say you’re speaking to someone who lives for excitement and a sense of ‘experience’ in everything he does. You tell him that you’ve just bought him a gift. It’s a ticket for an experience that involves sitting on the back of a high-powered racing motorcycle whilst it speeds around a race track at over 100mph.

He, asks himself the question, which in all likely hood will get the following response…

“If we crash, I could be seriously injured, or maybe even killed and that would be bad. But, what a wonderful, fantastic experience it would be. Something I wouldn’t want to miss even if there is a risk. After all, there’s a risk in everything you do, might as well enjoy it!… When do we go?”


For this person, the benefits (pleasure) of taking part in this activity far out way the possible risks (pain) associated with it.

Now offer the same gift to a person who is generally nervous and introverted. Someone who likes to have a sense of security and certainty about them, and doesn’t like to take risks. When they ask themselves the question they will probably get the following response…

“I COULD DIE!!!! Why would I put my life in the hands of a person I’ve never even met before? ARE YOU MAD???”


For them, the possible risks (pain), far out way the benefits.

The actual response will be different for everyone, but always in response to that simple question.


Your turn

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

The next time you make a decision, analyze your answer afterward and I guarantee the question you asked to get your answer, was about the pain and pleasure associated with it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 😉



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