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A great confidence tip – act!

Let’s get straight to it. I have quick, but powerful tip for you today.

That tip, is to pretend to be confident in situations that, at the moment still scare you.

Now, I know how hard it is act confident, when your entire body is screaming at you to run and hide. So, in the beginning, you can even practice in front of a mirror if you like? The more you do it, even if it’s in private, the easier it gets.

Actors commit to their charactersThe trick is to pretend you’re confident, even if you’re not. Actors pretend all the time.

Actors play loads of different character types during their careers. They couldn’t possibly do their jobs without ‘pretending’ to be the characters they’re playing.

So, from today, commit yourself to behaving more confidently, even if it feels like an act.

There’s loads of things you can do to make it easier to pretend. Like, be aware of your breathing and consciously calm your breath, stand up straight and look people in the eye. (or at the bridge of their nose if it’s less stressful).

Speak slowly – Our minds want us to get through the experience quickly when we’re nervous. So, make sure you give yourself a few moments of calm before you start to speak.

Act confidentIf it helps, as I said before, you could even practice in front of a mirror. But, however you decide to do it, speak with a clear, unwavering tone and you’ll immediately feel more confident.

And one last things that’s very helpful. Try to replace ‘but’ with ‘and’ in your conversations. The extra positivity can work wonders.  Want an example?

Feel the difference between these two statements…

“It sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately, I can’t do it” and

“It sounds like a great idea and unfortunately, I can’t do it”.

The first example, makes it sound as though your incapable of doing it. And in the second example, it sounds like there’s an outside force that’s preventing you from doing it at this time.

Changing one word is such a small thing, but it has big consequences for your mind.

Also, from today, make this an unshakable rule: DON’T put yourself down!

Never say anything about yourself, either silently in your head, or out loud, that you don’t want to be or come true.

Put it to the test, then let me know how it went 🙂

’till next time,

Be Strong!


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