About Mindfulness

In today’s hyper-connected and super-busy World, we can sometimes get lost in the flow. Zipping from one stressful situation to another – from one urgent activity to the next.

This site will help you to slow down, take stock and help you become the best version of yourself.

We often rush through the day, blind to everything except the one thing that’s invading our space at that exact moment.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, what with 24 hour social media, internet trolls and the unspoken pressure to be as good as everyone else seems to be, Stress, Anxiety and depression are often the result.

Maybe, you’ve lost confidence in yourself, and your self-esteem has hit rock-bottom? Maybe you’re always busy and really want to just chill-out for a while and regain your bearings? Maybe, you’re actually okay with life generally, but you’re looking for something to give your life that ‘pop’ that seems to be missing?

Whatever your reason for being here, I’m glad you came. On this website, you’ll find articles, ebooks, work books and worksheets, etc., to help you on your journey back to greatness. I’ll also recommend books to read and other resources that can be helpful.

Some of this stuff, requires some action on your part. The theory is great, but as with everything, sometimes the smallest of actions can make the biggest difference. After all, just learning about something doesn’t make it work. Improvements to your life can only happen with action!

Communication is always better than lecturing. So I’d love to hear from you if you’re struggling at the moment and you think I can help.

Alternatively, I’m always excited to hear about how you’re succeeding in spite of the constant battle with your gremlins. Also,I’m always willing to listen if you have a story that you’d like to share, or if you have an insight that can help other people.

My aim, is to help you relieve some of the stresses and strains from your life, by providing simple, yet effective tools, tips, techniques, exercises and guidance.

Mostly, this will be from my experience over the years and also on my current learning journey, but also, I’ll let you know about helpful sites, blogs, books and courses, etc. that I come across on my travels. Between us, we can become happier, more productive, more mindful and more complete versions of ourselves.

My hope, is that you’ll share your experiences, to help me become better too 🙂

I can be contacted using the Contact page. This is directed to my personal email account and I read every one.

Let the journey define the destination.